devious_bastard (devious_bastard) wrote,

Where will the Gitmo detainees go?

We've been having this discussion online the past few days, and I got it figured out.

They're all going to get on a bus, right?

And they're going to go to Popeye's for some chicken and weed, because you can buy weed through the drive through, okay?

And they'll get all, like, mellowed out, and Obama's gonna be like "Okay guys, you all know this terrorism shit is bad, and like, you should stop."

And they're gonna be like "Woah, the black dude is right. I'm so high right now."

And Obama's going to start talking really slow so they think they're moving really fast and they'll get freaked out and be like "Shit shit shit dude, the Obama man isn't fucking around."

And then everyone goes home and passes out on the floor.

Where home is, well, that's not Obama's business, because sometimes when you get really high, you end up somewhere and you don't know how you got there, so he's probably gonna like, send 'em to France because the French are stupid and Americans hate the French and vice versa so we'll be like "YEAH FUCK YOU FRANCE".

It's the perfect plan.
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